All The Suffering In Your Middle Class World Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Location: Sacramento, California, United States

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rules of democracy.

You are allowed to introduce anything you want into the public arena. Once you do, however, the others in that public arena are allowed to comment on your submission. If you are offering rationale for a change in public policy, democracy dictates that other citizens may question that rationale. If you site "The Word of God" as a rationale for changing public policy, others get to question that rationale, and you don't get to cry foul, just because you believe. I personally wont come to your church to question your beliefs; please don't you come to my reason to humiliate yourself.

The United States:

It’s not a melting pot it’s a meeting place.

Lets reexamine the idea of assimilation.

We must be allowed to be crazy retarded with those of us who want to be our own brand of retarded, but we must meet in a central place, face to face, and without violence.

Too many want to be lazy and go from a chopping knife to a high-speed blender. The knife of democracy blends gently and slowly, but is nonetheless painful.