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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Population salivation

Q: Though not on my list of people who deserve too much of my attention, good or bad, I think Carson Daly is the poorest excuse for entertainment I have ever seen. Is he not the stupidest person in the world or on the telly? He’s a dolt, I’d say! A Fucking dolt! This is how he makes his money. How does he do it?

A: The “duh”pulation loves him.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hey Utah, some folks are gay. Please deal with it, retards.

Being homosexual is as natural as being black, woman, bald, or hypeactive. Deal with it, retards.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pray for death.

In this section, everyone gets to enter a name of a person who they would like God to take away. Please just submit your comments accordingly. We do not want any human to kill or harm, in any way, physically or otherwise, another human. We want God to smite these people a supernatural blow. Be it in their sleep, an accident with lightning, a freak bear attack, a fallen tree limb, or whatever, the main thing is we want their natural death, and we want it to be an act of God. I am not the first to propose this idea. I take my leadership on this issue, and issues of pornography and free speech, from Larry Flint. He may not have been the first to ask theist to pray to their gods for the natural death of another human, but he’s the one I remember. Hmmm, I wonder why him.

Anyway, my choice for God’s natural killing (and I repeat, I do not want any other human to kill, or plot a killing, or have anything to do with another’s death, or harm to him/her or his/hers family, or anyone in anyway) is Dr. James Dobson from Focus of the Family. He’s the antithesis of Michael Newdow. Let god take him to the Kingdom of Glory prematurely.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

,and he went on down the hall . . ."

Creativity needs no outside motivator; it’s riding the eternal inertia along with all this other shit.
Money makes the world slow down; it funnels out the stupid.


Gravity is what is going to kill us.