All The Suffering In Your Middle Class World Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

To cummunism or to not cummunism. That is the question.

So, given all the scars capitalism continues to leave on our jointly owned planet, remind me again why we don’t want to at least TRY communism one more time?

Possible answers:

1. It will spell the end of the competitive edge needed to motor the Homo sapiens sapiens species forward.

2. Pol Pot

I like this comment and will now comment on it:

I’m a world-ist by nature, but unlike some of my more dogmatic acquaintances, I think Marx is not the only blueprint for global harmony and justice and shit. I think he, Marx, will be frequently credited throughout human history, famously or infamously, by many cultures long into posterity. He will always be a Locke or an Aristotle but not the last word in this pantheon of thinkers.

I refuse to ever see any world crisis as the last because I refuse to think we’ve run out of ideas.

Of course, many theists maintain that a person need only find the path to their god and communal bliss will blanket the earth. Please remember, dogma spelled backwards is ‘am god.’ Think about it. Think about longer than that!

I wonder what 2110 C.E. will look like.