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Monday, July 17, 2006

Mini Mantras

I get very scared when I hear someone say freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion. That sounds like they are telling me I must have religion under this constitution. Freedom of religion means you are free to believe or not, believe in what ever you want, practice what ever ritual you want (within all other laws), and the government shall remain agnostic—make no claim about God. Even the authors of this idea didn’t fully practice it, but it is the correct way to deal with peoples’ fairy tales.

I do not see how torture fits into the whole inalienable rights endowed by our creator line in the Declaration of Independence. I thought one of those gifts was the right to free speech. The right to free speech also means the right to be speechless—the Fifth Amendment.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Please enforce the laws of this land, but please first...

... Be loyal to me, the individual citizen, even when I am rude, shit-starting, gun slinging, or simply pissed off with no agenda. When I am serially criminal but not violent, or even chronically antisocial with endless complaining and no plan, you cops should still hold back on me. The temptation to Billy club the annoying is deeply understood, my brothers, but it is wrong in a democracy. So why do I say restrict the cops? Law enforcement is going to be with human society for a long time, barring any neo-hippie revolution of group love flowers with p. chlorophyll springing up. Law enforcement, first, for safety, is a good idea. If I’m being mugged and a cop stops the mugging, murder, rip off I’m suffering an assault from a bad guy on the street or government excess, I call a cop. Law enforcement enforces a lot of bogus laws, at their discretion, which is actually a good thing in a democracy, ultimately, I think, because I trust humanity, and cops today aren't very different than the cops of any prior crisis we have faced of the economy and the cultural. We have encountered that Cops, like always, like most, love the power, and some are using vitamin-enriched altruisms to ease the pain when that power leads to abuses. We should find peace. Peace is better than war. When a cop saves an innocent life, at the price of shooting down a serious criminal killer, you would be retarded to think that that was wrong or bad. In a society, big strong people guard the gates--some are smart, some are dumb. If the smart ones abuse their power, they do so because they are bored. If the dumb ones do it, they do it because they are dumb.