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Sunday, October 04, 2015


Words. 2015.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Shootem up

Evidential evidence, Jan 2011:

The revolution has begun in the minds of some in the USA. These thinkers will be squashed and embarrassed as common dumbasses by the elite. There will be other revolutions that will be squashed, and others still. Every now and then a spark will set off historical change and the next big one will be an Earth unifying epoch brought on by space exploration and climate change, replete with baby-killing war. Who wants ice cream?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

God kicked me off of FB.

Is there an ancient clan behavioral connection to the current ideological split we see in every country, especially around elections, and one that transcends the globe: the liberal verses the conservative fight? Is the mentality guiding these two heavy movements a hangover of clan mentality?

I will study clan mentality starting in late Ur history up to the present.

I will compare historical study with personal observations (past v. present) and analyze these into a working hypothesis: FUCK ALL YOU ALL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rules of democracy.

You are allowed to introduce anything you want into the public arena. Once you do, however, the others in that public arena are allowed to comment on your submission. If you are offering rationale for a change in public policy, democracy dictates that other citizens may question that rationale. If you site "The Word of God" as a rationale for changing public policy, others get to question that rationale, and you don't get to cry foul, just because you believe. I personally wont come to your church to question your beliefs; please don't you come to my reason to humiliate yourself.

The United States:

It’s not a melting pot it’s a meeting place.

Lets reexamine the idea of assimilation.

We must be allowed to be crazy retarded with those of us who want to be our own brand of retarded, but we must meet in a central place, face to face, and without violence.

Too many want to be lazy and go from a chopping knife to a high-speed blender. The knife of democracy blends gently and slowly, but is nonetheless painful.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

To cummunism or to not cummunism. That is the question.

So, given all the scars capitalism continues to leave on our jointly owned planet, remind me again why we don’t want to at least TRY communism one more time?

Possible answers:

1. It will spell the end of the competitive edge needed to motor the Homo sapiens sapiens species forward.

2. Pol Pot

I like this comment and will now comment on it:

I’m a world-ist by nature, but unlike some of my more dogmatic acquaintances, I think Marx is not the only blueprint for global harmony and justice and shit. I think he, Marx, will be frequently credited throughout human history, famously or infamously, by many cultures long into posterity. He will always be a Locke or an Aristotle but not the last word in this pantheon of thinkers.

I refuse to ever see any world crisis as the last because I refuse to think we’ve run out of ideas.

Of course, many theists maintain that a person need only find the path to their god and communal bliss will blanket the earth. Please remember, dogma spelled backwards is ‘am god.’ Think about it. Think about longer than that!

I wonder what 2110 C.E. will look like.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What the world needs now.

Democracy needs to follow capitalism if it is to last.

Humanity can’t afford any nation to be overly chauvinistic and self-preserving anymore.

Capitalism lost it boundaries long ago; warring over nationalistic ideals is a fantasy. The people who benefit the most from war, the big owners of corporations, are the least patriotic. They have no trouble moving manufacturing and service outside the borders of Manifest Destiny if is serves their extra richness. A patriot puts the needs of his fellow citizens above his own.

Maybe we should take their lead and forget about borders too.

Environment demands it.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I apologise for causing discomfort in the true believer, but...

... religion is a mental disorder. Some have accused liberals of being nothing but a function of mental disorders, and some say the same about conservatives. Which is it?